Hello world!

At the suggestion of Charlie Hoehn, I hereby begin building my consolidated web presence at a domain based on my name. Though I am fond of my collegiate sobriquet, I would have preferred mattearle.com or matthewearle.com—I am an aspiring professional, for god’s sake—but they are taken. (Matthew Earle, Bermuda-based Internet Marketing Specialist, I declare a popularity war!) And yet, dukeofearle.com does have a certain ring to it. So here we are.

All the blogging advice I’ve read says that if you want to be successful (popular), you should pick a topic or theme and stick to it. Your readers will know what to expect and the world will know what corner of it you intend to dominate. I agree that this is wise, however I can’t promise to want to write about anything in particular, any more than I can say what I want to do with my life—the related and larger problem for me. But instead of dodging the task outright, let me just declare that this blog will consider The Art of Living, broadly interpreted. It will also, inevitably, trace the paths I follow in search of a personal raison d’etre.

Welcome. Enjoy. Comment.

(Speaking of the art of living, last month I attended a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Shelburne, MA. Check out their Art of Living page.)

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