Vampire-resistant no more

I’ve reflexively avoided the Twilight series, for the same silly reason I avoided Harry Potter and many other awesome things—because they’re popular they can’t possibly be good. It’s a lame principle, but I haven’t been able to abandon it, even though it fails frequently.

Last night, John Granger dispelled my resistance with his recent essay in Touchtone (“A Journal of Mere Christianity”). It’s a lengthy, well-crafted piece that maps out the very solid relationship between, on the one hand, the books’ characters and plot, and on the other hand, the author’s defenses and criticisms of her Morman faith.

I suggest that the Twilight series is something for thoughtful people to be aware of and to think seriously about, first, because of its remarkable hold on the imagination of American readers and movie-goers, but second, and more important, because of the reason these books are so popular: They meet a spiritual need.

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