Why salad costs more than a Big Mac

It’s always seemed a little weird, right? You can get a burger for a buck, but for salads you have to pony up. Well, it is a little weird. And you can’t attribute the weirdness to the popular idea that eating healthy costs more (which is true at times).

Pyramid graphs of federal nutrition guidelines and federal agriculture subsidies


I’m trying to live the Paleo life these days, which has a substantially different food pyramid than the federal recommendation above. Nevertheless, the one thing almost everyone can agree on is that we should eat a lot of vegetables. And look at that cute little .37% in veggie subsidies up there!

I suspect that the subsidy balance is influenced by how “addictive” they are. Threaten to take away America’s Brussels sprouts and America shrugs; threaten to take away America’s T-bone, and America is up in arms. That’s a huge marketing advantage for the beef lobby.

(from PCRM Volume XI, Number 4: Health vs. Pork)

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