Advanced email tactic!

As an Inbox Zero fan, I am thrilled to have stumbled across the Monotypic Inbox, an email processing tactic from Study Hacks.

Basically, an email inbox is duotypic—it has two types of messages: Unread and Read. For the Inbox Zero user this distinction is useless, because you fully process your inbox when you check your email, and you check your email on your schedule (not your email’s schedule). The Unread type is distracting, and can disrupt your schedule discipline by luring you with the promise of new and exciting things. If you remove the Unread type, this phenomenon is eliminated. To do this, simply set up a filter that marks all new messages as “Read”.

I would be different person today if I’d discovered Study Hacks in college. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn how to get different types of things done, so I’ve been reading up on the field I didn’t learn (and learned to think I didn’t need) when, in fifth grade, I was put in Advanced Reading instead of Study Skills.

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