My brother went to the Invasion Festival 2010 in Russia. He had this to say about it:

A bit like being in a Hieronymus Bosch or Pieter Bruegel the Elder (thank you ARTH 101) painting. I’ve never seen the human body being abused, demented, and spoiled in so many ways — sleep deprivation, drugs, sex, disgusting food, sunburns, mosquito bites, loud music, paint, prolonged standing, dehydration, not showering. Beer sloshed, sunny bodies fat and thin, white skin, scraggly beards, glassy eyes, abused grass, hippies sleeping in sewage drains, mohawked punks lounging in heaps of garbage, girls covering their nipples with corporate logos, and everywhere flags flags — nationalist flags, army flags, musical group flags, regional flags, spongebob flags, flags of unclear meaning and origin flying with unflappable gusto. tents. the occasional lost child.

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