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A Theory of Art

Every work of consciousness is a work of art, including but not limited to “artwork”, because it reveals some aspect of truth (everything reveals some aspect of truth). A good work of art reveals some rarer, more valuable, more instructive aspect of the truth.

A great work of art reveals truths that are unusually useful to an unusually number of people. A bad work of art proffers banal truths, barely. The revelatory truths of a great work change the way you see the world, forcing it to assimilate things it couldn’t imagine, and thus increasing the concordance between your mental models and the reality they simulate. This makes your mind more skillful at navigating space & time.

If we are honest with ourselves we seek out the truths — the works of art — that challenge us and help us grow.

Seek out the best truths available. You’ll know them by the depth of the emotions they provoke, positive or negative. Fear is your friend, as is ecstasy.

Note: I’m starting a 10-day silent meditation retreat this afternoon and will be offline until November 12.

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