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Breakfast in Moscow

I was late packing, late leaving for the airport, got stuck behind a dinosaur in the CVS pharmacy line and a million commuters on the highways to JFK, and as a result my bag and I may arrive in Bangkok on different days. Shrug. Aeroflot wouldn’t let me pick a seat in advance, which was unusual, but now I understand that they had big plans for me in my little seat in the middle of the middle row, between dudes. But I was prepared—I took skullcap & valerian root before belting up, had a cup of wine once in the air, put four albums of Four Tet on shuffle through some noise-blocking earbuds…

And now suddenly I’m in Moscow, drinking a $6 americano, killing the first of 7 layover hours in Sheremetyevo Int’l, and feeling great. No doubt some of this vigor is due to figuring out how to sleep on the tray table instead of upright, head lolling.

Dos americanos and an iPhoneIf I didn’t need a visa to leave the airport, I’d be having this meal with my brother, who lives here, but I’ll see him Sunday in Bangkok anyhow. For the record, I was 7500 km away from him yesterday, am 25 km away now (99.7% of the way there!), and will be 7000 km away tomorrow, before he closes the gap himself. Also, tonight I’ll fly pretty much right over my sister in Nepal.

Air travel is weird.

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